Friday, August 13, 2010

Statement of Gov. Migs Dominguez: Good faith and strong resolve needed in peace talks

Today, I urge both President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino and the MoroIslamic Liberation Front (MILF) to begin in earnest the resumption ofthe peace stalled talks to put an end to the Mindanao conflict.

No one has suffered the most in this internecine war than the peopleof Mindanao and the whole island is crying for peace.But peace must be founded on justice, equality and mutual respect foreach and everyone’s political and religious beliefs. And it should not be at the expense of dismemberment of Mindanao’s territory.

I call on President Aquino to clearly lay down government policies and directions in dealing with the MILF and the armed conflict in the island, with primacy in involving Mindanaoans in the actual peace process.

I urge wider consultation and participation of people in Mindanao in the peace negotiations.

I believe our government must now go beyond lip service and deal squarely with the decades-old armed conflict in Mindanao.

President Aquino should now go beyond one-liners on the Mindanao conflict like he did during his first State of the Nation Address.

As chief executive of a local government unit in Mindanao, I would rather see more Mindanaoans in strategic executive branches ingovernment to bring genuine development and good governance closer tothe people in the island.

As a resident born and raised in Mindanao, I would rather seegovernment break the barrier of prejudice against its people. We deserve equal treatment if not make up attention after centuries ofnational neglect.

I also appeal to both the government and the MILF panels to be circumspect in issuing statements that would only stoke the flames of hatred and war.

The peace process must be built around good faith and sincere efforts to bring peace in the island.

Governor Migs Dominguez

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